Category: Global Governance

Title: US Diplomacy and the Pacific Islands: Risk of Over-Promising and Under-Delivering

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Women, walking with what possessions they can carry, arrive in a steady trickle at an IDP camp erected next to an AMISOM military base near the town of Jowhar, Somalia, on November 12. Heavy rains in Somalia, coupled with recent disputes between clans, has resulted in over four thousand IDPs seeking shelter at an AMISOM military base near the town of Jowhar, with more arriving daily.

The 2021 World Bank report warns that without early climate action, climate change could force 216 million people across six world regions to move within their countries by 2050.

United Nations headquarters

The political climate and political ideology of many states around the world are increasingly falling victim to populism. Populist ideals are gaining a foothold by challenging the liberal discourse and…


Despite a wealth of biodiversity laws operating at every scale of governance, the world’s rich diversity of plants, animals, and ecosystems is disappearing. The effects of land use change and…