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About GJIA

The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (GJIA) is the flagship academic publication of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Staffed by current Georgetown undergraduates and graduates, GJIA uses the student lens to engage with and question prevailing ideas within international affairs. We publish original, policy-oriented analyses by scholars and practitioners—ranging from the mainstream to the underrepresented. GJIA challenges reader assumptions with nuanced insights highlighting the dynamism and complexity of the modern world.

The first issue of GJIA was published in the spring of 2000. Since then, GJIA has served as a resource for scholars, business leaders, policy makers, and students of international relations alike, cultivating a dialogue accessible to those with all levels of knowledge about foreign affairs and international politics.

GJIA publishes a peer-reviewed edition sold online, indexed in academic databases, and distributed in bookstores around the country. GJIA also publishes shorter pieces on our website on a rolling basis.


Online Edition

As a rolling publication, GJIA Online seeks to uniquely pair the intellectual curiosity of Georgetown students with the experience of accomplished thinkers, thereby constantly empowering perspectives that inform accessible and prescriptive analysis.

Past articles from 2011-2019 can be found on our online archive.

Print Edition

On a semi-annual basis, GJIA releases a peer-reviewed volume surveying enduring international trends. Organized around a central theme, each print edition explores multifaceted perspectives of a single, complex idea while also offering extended analyses of independent issues. The GJIA print edition serves readers wishing to delve deeper into longer form international relations discourse.

Find our print editions indexed in Project MUSE, JSTOR, ProQuest, HeinOnline (Law Journal Library), and CIAO.